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02 August 2012 @ 07:30 pm

Title: Instead of goodbye, a bouquet.
Rating: G
Pairings: 2min
Characters: Taemin, Minho
Description/Notes: Well.. It's all fluffy and it's a gift for http://mintokkies.tumblr.com for her birthday, and well yes, she's represented as Taemin's cousin in this, I wanted to give a little space in the oneshot. Happy birthday! Sorry if it isn't good but english is not my first language so I still have some vocabulary problems.. Please enjoy ♥
Word Count: 814

Minho’s eyes flew over the entrance door at the very moment when the little bell attached to it rang, announcing that someone had entered the place. A tall and slim boy wearing a white hoodie and black pants came in, shades on, pouty lips while looking around for something.

“May I help you?” asked Minho politely, trying his best to be a good employee and give the young customer a nice experience at the shop.

“Ah… Yes.” The boy jumped a little when he heard Minho’s deep voice beside him. “I’m looking for the prettiest flowers I can find so that I can give them to a special person” after saying this, the customer smiled brightly, his eyes shining strongly with excitement, for Minho’s disappointment.

“Very well, mister…” the younger didn’t notice Minho’s question and kept looking at him with interest. The other only chuckled softly and cleared things up. “What’s your name?”

“Oh, sorry, I’m Lee Taemin, sir.” The customer said bowing his head a bit.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Taemin. My name’s Minho.” Taemin whispered the older boy’s name right after he had said it in an automatic manner, as if he was trying not to forget. “May I ask for what occasion this is?”

“It’s her birthday, and she likes flowers… Maybe something bright and happy could work.” Taemin said without noticing that to Minho’s eyes, he might well have been describing himself instead of the flowers.

“Ah, that’s easy. Maybe some daffodils could work.” Minho guided Taemin to where the species was kept, and as he saw the boy’s approval expression, he took a bunch of them and as they were walking to the cash register, Minho slipped his hands through the different plants and took a few of the ones he thought would match well with a neat florist’s skill.

Taemin didn’t know anything about it, since he had been really absorbed in his thinking while admiring the pretty flowers everywhere, amusement floating in the air.

“Here you go.” Minho handed Taemin a really pretty bouquet, full of yellow, white and even pink flowers. Taemin accepted it amazed, he had truly liked it. He even wished, for a brief moment, that the bouquet was his. But of course he didn’t say that out loud.

“Thank you so much, sir. It’s perfect, really.” The young boy gave him the money for the bouquet and started to leave. Minho contemplated his delicate silhouette getting farther and farther away, with the thought that he might never see him again which gave him a knot in the throat that was definitely hard to swallow.

Taemin was already making his way through the people crossing the street, flowers in hand. It was a bit difficult since he had to take care of the bouquet and he almost trips, but he was pretty sure he and the flowers were fine.

“Hey, wait! Wait!” yelled a deep voice from behind. Taemin knew he had heard that voice before, but thought it was no way that the handsome man he had just met was looking for him. Either way, he turned around and to his surprise, the young man named Minho was there.

It took Taemin something about five minutes to realize that the older was holding a bouquet too, but instead of being big and bright, it was small and only had white flowers. Looking at it the way Taemin did, the scene he had in front of his eyes was so pure and beautiful, adding to it the big pair of eyes that looked at him so sublime… It almost didn’t feel real.

“Yes? Do you need something, sir?” asked Taemin a bit confused. Minho smiled at him completely radiant and Tae felt dizzy for a moment.

“Yeah, well… This is for you,” said the man, looking a bit intimidated, and held out the small bouquet. Taemin thought he would fall flat to the ground, but he put himself together and accepted the present with a genuine smile. “They’re magnolias. I usually don’t do this, and maybe I’ll get scolded after but, I thought they kind of represented you and wanted to give you some” Minho shrugged and looked terribly uncomfortable.

“Really? Why?” Taemin asked astonished. He knew flowers had a “meaning” and each was given in different occasions depending to their meanings but he had no idea what a magnolia represented.

“Because they portray splendid beauty” Taemin caught a glimpse of tenderness in Minho’s eyes, leaving the young boy speechless as the older walked back to his flower shop without even a word of goodbye.

“I’ll see you soon, then” Taemin whispered to Minho even though he was already too far for him to hear, but he somehow felt as if his promise had reached him, and then he turned around and trailed back to his cousin’s house with a thrilled heart.
Feeling: tiredtired
Listening to: SHINee - Honesty